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May 28 – 30, 2017

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Workshop presenters

Carleen Carroll  and Dawn Charlton

Carleen Carroll and Dawn Charlton

Workshop: Beyond words: How the University of Waterloo tells its story to the world

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Tatiana  Chabeaux-Smith

Tatiana Chabeaux-Smith

Bring your social media game to the next level – A Case Study

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Cecilia  Bloxom

Cecilia Bloxom

What Question Would you Ask to Save a Life?

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Lizzie  MacNeill

Lizzie MacNeill

Is influencer marketing the new media relations?

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Joel  McKay

Joel McKay

The Small Town PR Playbook - A New Resource for Local and First Nations Government PR Practitioners

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Sheridan  McVean

Sheridan McVean

Public Relations Evaluation and the Barcelona Principles

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Jennifer  Pawluk

Jennifer Pawluk

The Story is Out There: How to Create a Culture of Storytelling

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Heather Pullen, Terry Flynn and  and Jessica Langer

Heather Pullen, Terry Flynn and and Jessica Langer

Champions of truth: the role of public relations in an era of fake news

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Graham  Ruttan

Graham Ruttan

Public Relations: Dealing with local fallout to legislation

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Heather  Young

Heather Young

Spill your secrets: When open communications become a benefit

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Mark  Ragan

Mark Ragan

Senior PR Leadership Roundtable

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