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May 28 – 30, 2017

Workshop Presenters

Jennifer  Pawluk

The Story is Out There: How to Shape a Culture of Storytelling

Jennifer Pawluk

Fostering mutual understanding, trust, and support amongst its stakeholders is one of the greatest challenges of an organization today. Of course, this is nothing new. Yet, the difference now is public relations professionals have a greater stake in reputation management than ever before. Your voice, in amplifying that of everyone around you, matters. We have a variety of tools at our disposal. Our resources are expanding all the time. Developing strategies in community relations is meaningful work. Storytelling, in particular, is the most effective strategy I have developed in my work as a communications specialist at Balmoral Hall School. I believe that if you seek inspiration everywhere, then you will find it anywhere. This is why I lead by training, advising, and guiding stakeholders in their storytelling efforts. I empower them to tell their stories. In the words of Dale Carnegie: "To be interesting, be interested." So let's do it together.

Presenter: Jennifer Pawluk

An aspiring philanthropist, Jennifer J. Pawluk seeks to empower women and girls through a purposeful career in social impact communications.

As a professional, the lifelong pursuit of a passion for storytelling guides her vision. Upon her convocation from University of King’s College in 2010, Jennifer returned to her roots in rural Manitoba to become a community news reporter, photographer, and editor. Ultimately, she pivoted from journalism to public relations, assuming the role of a communications specialist at a girls’ university preparatory school in Winnipeg four years ago.

At Balmoral Hall, Jennifer works with students, faculty, parents, alumnae, and friends to shape a culture of storytelling.

Education is a cause that she supports wholeheartedly. Jennifer is avidly involved with CPRS Manitoba as the professional development coordinator. She also volunteers with University of Winnipeg Alumni Association Council, 2017 Canada Summer Games – Winnipeg Host Society, and The ONE Campaign.

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