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May 28 – 30, 2017

Workshop Presenters

Heather  Young

Spill your secrets: When open communications become a benefit

Heather Young

In a time of economic and environmental uncertainty, Canada’s private and public sectors are cultivating a surprising trend. They’re sharing. And this ideal isn’t just “nice to do.” Cooperation and collaboration are providing an economic advantage by helping our country innovate. In fact, cooperation is Canada’s distinct advantage over other jurisdictions.

There are risks to such openness. We’ll look at examples of companies that may have appeared to be overly cooperative— perhaps overly Canadian. But because they communicated with purpose and integrity, they benefited their own organization as well as the Canadian innovation landscape.

As communicators, how can we determine when and how to spill our secrets, for the betterment of our organizations and our country? Come ready for new ideas and new perspectives that will help your organization evolve.

Presenter: Heather Young

Heather is a corporate communications director with extensive experience in external and internal communications, media relations, and public affairs. Today, she leads the communications team at Mitacs, a national not-for-profit organization focused on Canadian innovation. Previously, she led communications for WorkSafeBC and Special Olympics BC. Heather holds Master of Publishing (SFU) and Bachelor of Arts (McGill) degrees, and is a passionate and engaging speaker.

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