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May 28 – 30, 2017

Workshop Presenters

Mark  Ragan

Senior PR Leadership Roundtable

Led by PR Daily Publisher and Ragan Communications CEO Mark Ragan

*Session limited to APR's and College of Fellows Members only. Pre-registration is required via email.

20 spots available.

This is not a traditional conference session. There will be no presentations, no case studies and no long-winded lectures. Instead, you'll be sitting at a roundtable with your peers exchanging candid ideas, success stories, tips and challenges. You'll solve problems, network and brainstorm.

"The leadership forum is equal parts group therapy, benchmarking and networking," says Ragan.

Why should you attend? You will:

* Meet like-minded peers to discuss challenges and brainstorm solutions
* Return to the office with a legal-pad full of ideas
* Network with your industry communications peers in complete privacy
* Air out your messiest, thorniest difficulties in an atmosphere of candor and trust
* Join an informal, frank, off-the-record conversation, rather than listen to lectures


Mark Ragan is the Chief Executive Officer of Ragan Communications, Publisher of PR Daily and co-owner of the Ragan Consulting Group (RCG).

Ragan and RCG co-founder James Ylisela Jr. regularly leads PR and Internal Communications Roundtables in the US, where they are hosted by Fortune 500 companies like Coca Cola, Disney World and Capital One.  

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