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May 28 – 30, 2017

Rebecca  Cohen

Rebecca Cohen

PAPER PRESENTATION: Businesses Under Close Watch: Examining the Factors that Affect Reputation Repair

Corporate reputation has entered what many believe to be a critical period, where it has gained significant importance amongst groups including chief executive officers, board members, and academics alike. Reputation damaging events have become an unfortunate but prevalent trend that makes headlines at least once per month. While there is a growing amount of literature that focuses on the importance of corporate reputation, minimal research exists concerning how to optimally repair reputation following an issue or crisis. This research looks reputation repair exclusively from a Canadian perspective. This study included in-depth interviews with five senior communications managers, content analyses of nine organizations, and an online survey of communications and public relations practitioners. Results of this study found that reputation was a top priority, that organizations measure their reputation and that public relations has representation at the vice president level.


Rebecca Marissa Cohen works as an Account Associate at Jesson & Co in Toronto. She works on accounts including Spirits Canada and The Remington Group as well as with tourism boards for Antigua and Cuba. In the past, Rebecca has worked both as a freelance practitioner as well as instructor at the college level. Rebecca completed her Masters of Communication Management degree from McMaster University in 2015. While in school, Rebecca volunteered with United Way and Big Brothers Big Sisters, helping both organizations with communications and event planning. Rebecca has presented her work at other conferences including the World Public Relations Forum, International Public Relations Research Conference, BledCom, and the Communications Management Forum.

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