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May 28 – 30, 2017

Tatjana  Laskovic

Tatjana Laskovic

PAPER PRESENTATION: Social Licence to Operate: Practical Understanding of the Concept

The concept of social licence recognizes that business performance ultimately impacts the entire society. While no business is exempt from respecting the rights of everyone in the community, nowhere is this more obvious than in the natural resources development industries. These industries impose significant societal and environmental costs, and are constantly under rigorous scrutiny of global advocacy, regulator, and activist stakeholder groups.

To better understand the concept of social licence at the practical level, a Master’s degree capstone project explored four distinct perspectives – community, business, public participation, and regulatory. As Canada’s premier fossil fuel energy province, Alberta provided a suitable setting for exploring the dynamics of social licence, with the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo offering an appropriate research context.

The research presentation will provide insight into the practical perceptions of social licence and outline recommendations for pursuing any developments that impact various stakeholders and call for a social licence.


Tatjana Laskovic is a senior communications management professional, well versed in the public policy development processes and related technical issues and multi-stakeholder impacts. Tatjana’s professional and academic experiences and interests are in the areas of issues management, relationship building and decision-making, with a specific focus on improving business outcomes through integrated communications planning and facilitating strategic organizational responses to operating environment. Tatjana is a graduate of Master of Communications Management (MCM) program from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario.

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