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May 28 – 30, 2017

Amy  Thurlow, PhD, APR, FCPRS & Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR

Amy Thurlow, PhD, APR, FCPRS & Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR

PAPER PRESENTATION: Global Capabilities Project in Public Relations: Canadian Findings

The Global Capabilities Project in Public Relations was initiated in 2016, with the support of Huddersfield University in the UK and the Global Alliance. Researchers from nine countries formed an international team to investigate capabilities (viewed in this approach as generic and underpinning competences, used to define the core practices of a profession) from a global perspective. The research presented here will provide insights into the Canadian arm of the Global Capabilities Project, articulating the findings from the first phase of this 3-phase multi-year project. In Phase One we employed a Delphi technique to gather data from experts in the field of public relations across Canada. The panel comprised academics and scholars in the public relations discipline, employers who hire or manage public relations practitioners, and experienced practitioners. Through a series of iterative and reflective processes, findings emerged to identify core capabilities.


Amy Thurlow, PhD, APR, FCPRS

Amy Thurlow, PhD, APR, FCPRS is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, where teaches public relations management, communication studies, and organizational communication.

Amy’s research interests focus on the areas of identity construction, critical historiography and organizational communication. Grounded in an approach of critical theory, Amy’s work has looked at the impact of communication on organizational change strategies, the role of power and legitimation in the construction of organizational and individual identities, and the relationship between history and theory in understandings of knowledge production.

Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR

Alex Sévigny, PhD, APR, is an associate professor of communications management at McMaster University. He is the director of the McMaster-Syracuse Master of Communications Management program, which was ranked as the 16th best communications master’s program in North America in 2016. He is also editor-in-chief of the Journal of Professional Communication. He is active in CPRS, currently serving as Co-President of CPRS Hamilton and sits on the CPRS National Board.

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